APCM Nominations

The Annual Meetings will be held on Sunday 28 April 2019 at 11.15am in the Parish Hall. Copies of the APCM reports are now available at the back of church. At the meetings there will be the following elections:

  • 2 Churchwardens
  • 3 Parochial Church Council members

Nominations for all positions are open to anyone who is on the Electoral Roll of St Margaret's and who satisfies the other requirements specified on the nomination forms. Churchwardens are elected annually and may stand for six consecutive periods of office. PCC members are elected for a period of three years.

Nomination forms for all these positions are now available at the back of the church and when correctly completed should be returned to the Secretary, Fr Philip or the current Churchwardens. They can also be left in the safe at the back of the church.

I will post notes of the names of people nominated, so that you have the opportunity to meet them before 28 April. There will be a meeting held immediately before the elections on that day where you will have a chance to hear from the candidates. Thank you.

Catherine Webster, Secretary to PCC