Harvest Festival Collection

Not for the first time, St Margaret's parishioners  have dedicated the Harvest Festival to raising money for the dedicated administrators, staff and pupils at the JJ College Community in Uganda. The initials stand for Jehovah Jireh -- God provides -- and this belief has inspired them to found the new Excel College nearby.

Obviously the cost of funding the project is high and Fr Philip explains: 'Over recent years at St Margaret’s we have established an annual Harvest Appeal as a reflection of our response to the constant generosity of God. Today we welcome Bethan Muhabuzi representing JJ.  Bethan is well known to us as we have supported her and her husband's ministry in Uganda for many years. 

'Our Appeal this year is to purchase new desks and benches for Excel College. This new part of JJ’s ministry is providing vital opportunities for young people to gain nationally-recognised vocational skills. One bench and desk set for two pupils costs £34. The College requires 40 sets for 80 pupils. The cost for each pupil is therefore £17.' 

Bethan was guest-of-honour at the harvest lunch but first she shared a very interesting and informative question-and-answer session with Fr Philip which underlined the financial backing needed by JJ. 

Not surprisingly the shopping list for the new college is extensive, but any help will be gratefully received, and as Bethan says, 'Our greatest immediate need is furniture, computers and to be able to paint the classrooms to brighten school life.'

The one commodity Bethan, Horace and their many helpers in Uganda are not short of is optimism1 And the good news is that a cheque for £1016.95 is on its way to Uganda!.

Mike Casey