Right on Cue

Right on cue, as the celebration of High Mass began in the main body of the church for the first time for almost two months on a recent Sunday morning, glorious sunshine lit up the Reredos. 

Minutes later the choir ended its long lay-off with the hymn 'Christ is made the sure foundation' followed by a solo trumpet fanfare courtesy of  parishioner Geoff  Cloke.

Thankfully, the church was back to  normal,  its weekly worshippers snug in their familiar Sabbath experience.  

Fr Philip expressed 'the thrill of returning to the church building for worship after the conclusion of our church floor project on the day we celebrate our patron saint, Margaret of Antioch.'

Thanks were expressed also to the many parishioners who devoted a thousand hours between them on the two preceding days Friday making the Nave shipshape after the workmen's task was finished. Shifting heavy furniture, restoring pews and the like is not for faint hearts or weaklings.

Director of Music Christopher Rathbone explained that Mass in the Parish Hall on Sundays had been more informal than usual and he pitied the three Eucharistic Ministers in heavy vestments in a stifling hall.' A case of rather them than me!

The much-cherished William Hill organ, he says, had been just about usable and even theoretically available for practice, having been wrapped in a polythene bag. 'We disabled parts of the instrument for the duration, and as you heard on Sunday it's wonderfully restored to full use and sounds wonderful.' 

He thanked Embsay-based Edward Scott, a popular holiday stand-in at St Margaret's, for deputising for him for three services. 'I've been a frequent  visitor to Batheaston in Somerset, where my wife Isobel has been priest-in-charge for a few years,' said Christopher.

So having stayed in Batheaston for former Guiseley priest Isobel’s last service before retirement, they spent the following week  packing, moved to Draughton and finally took up residence, cats and all, a fortnight ago.

Mike Casey