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Episode 30 - The Resurrection in Matthew (28: 11-end).

This Daily Reflection was streamed on Facebook Live on Tuesday 5th May at 11am. Fr Philip discusses the passage from the end of chapter 28 of St Matthew's Gospel, as well as considering the relevance of the Old Testament to our modern-day lives, and the importance of the genealogy in the opening of St Matthew's Gospel.


Episode 29 - The Fourth Sunday of Easter.

In today's sermon from the Mass for the Fourth Sunday of Easter, Fr Philip considers the first half of St John's Gospel, its pastoral imagery and how this might relate to the pastoral ministry of clergy, community leaders, politicians and us all.


Episode 28 - Saint Philip and Saint James.

This episode comprises Fr Philip's sermon from the Mass for Saints Philip and James broadcast on Facebook Live on Friday 1st May 2020. He describes what we know of these two apostles from the Bible. He focusses on Saint Philip's pivotal role in bringing others to meet and understand Jesus. 


Episode 27 - with Joe Cooper.

In this episode, Fr Philip talks to Joe Cooper, who is the Acting Headteacher of All Saints' School in Ilkley. They discuss the challenges of education in our present situation, and also how the Christian ethos of a Church School can contribute to this.


Episode 26 - with the Very Rev’d Nicola Sullivan.

In this episode, Fr Philip talks to Nicola Sullivan, the Dean of Southwell Minster in the Diocese of Southwell and Nottingham. They discuss the impact of the present virus on the life of one of our Cathedrals, and their respective communities.


Episode 25 - The Third Sunday of Easter.

This episode comprises Fr Philip's sermon from the live-streamed Mass for the Third Sunday of Easter. Today, he reflects on the resurrection appearance known as 'The Road to Emmaus'. He explores the idea of accompaniment as being central to discerning God's spirit in our lives.


Episode 24 - St Mark, the Evangelist.

This episode comprises Fr Philip's sermon from the Mass for St Mark, the Evangelist broadcast on Facebook Live on Saturday 25th April 2020. He discusses the use of the literary device of structuring ideas, adjectives and principles in groups of 3, and how this runs through St Mark's Gospel, as well as many of its accounts.


Episode 23 - St George’s Day.

This episode comprises Fr Philip's sermon from the live-streamed Mass for St George's Day broadcast on Facebook Live. Today he talks about how the traditions around St George the Martyr can speak into our present situation.


Episode 22 - with Bethan and Horace Muhabuzi.

In today's episode, Fr Philip talks to Bethan and Horace Muhabuzi, from JJ Nshumi School and Community College near Kampala, Uganda. Bethan and Horace will be familiar to those at St Margaret's, Ilkley through our Harvest Appeals and outwards giving. Today, they talk about how COVID-19 is affecting life in Uganda, and more specifically, their local school, college and families.


Episode 21 - with Canon Sam Corley.

In this episode, Fr Philip welcomes Canon Sam Corley, the Rector of Leeds Minster. They reflect together on how our present situation is shaping their ministries and the new ways in which they are seeking to express the presence and love of God in the midst of profound uncertainty and absence.