Early Bird ​Breakfast

All young people aged 11+ can come to Early Bird Breakfast which is held about once a month.  Bacon and sausage sandwiches, as well as toast and drinks, are provided by a team of parent-helpers, and a discussion session takes place. Dates for the Early Bird Breakfast can be found on our calendar. Parents who would like to help on the breakfast rota are asked to contact Alison Stretton via our Contact Page.

Friday Evening Social Time

Social Time for young people over the age of 11 takes place in the Parish Hall on most Fridays during term time.  There are board and table games or just the chance to chat, with soft drinks and biscuits.  Friday evening Social Time is coordinated by Ginny Wemoth and manned on a rota basis by parents.  Parents who would like to participate on the rota are asked to contact Ginny via our Contact Page.

Occasional 11+ Social Events

There are occasional social events for young people.  Past events have included a Games and Pizza Evening, Film and Burger Night and afternoons of games in Ilkley Park during the summer holidays.

Serving and Reading

We warmly encourage young people to become servers at our 0915 or 1045 services.  Further details about becoming a server can be found at Servers.

Readers are invited to read the first lesson at the 1045 Mass, or the first or second lesson at 1830 Evensong. If you would like to become involved please contact us via our Contact page.

St Margaret’s Singers (SMS)

Young people who enjoy singing are welcome to join St Margaret’s Singers. For further details go to SMS.  There are also young people in St Margaret’s Choir – please see St Margaret's Choir

Child Protection Policy

Our Child Protection Officer is Catherine Beaumont. 


We hold classes for those wishing to be confirmed. See the Christian Nuture section for more details. Read a personal account from someone who was confirmed in 2012.

Parental Permission

Parents of all young people aged 11+ are asked to fill out a form giving contact details. Please send the completed form to

The Word version of the form can be downloaded here

Please click on the link below to download the PDF version of the form.

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