It was originally my parents’ idea for me to start attending Saint Margaret’s. Despite having been at a Christian primary school, it was the first time I had experienced going to church on a regular basis. I have to admit that I was nervous at first! I wasn’t sure how everyone would react when I turned up unaccounted for.

However, it turns out I had nothing to worry about. After my first Family Service, I was kindly approached by Father Godfrey who, along with the help of many others since that day, has made me feel extremely welcome. It also brought back memories (and some rather embarrassing photographs!) of my time at Playtime.

My first progression through Saint Margaret’s was moving from the Family Service to the High Mass. As one could probably imagine, there is a great contrast between the two and I didn’t really know what to expect. However, yet again, I was in for a surprise. Everyone welcomed me and within a few months I had joined the serving team. This was the biggest challenge yet as, in the build up to my first appearance, I began to feel as if all eyes would be on me as I walked in front of the congregation. Having gained in confidence, I have since joined in other church activities including, most recently, the Junior Confirmation Course.

Whilst attending the Confirmation Course I have really been able to feel at home. When not attempting to figure out Father Godfrey’s subtle charades-styled gestures, or how to steal the best chocolate biscuit, we have been able to fill in any major gaps in our faith or knowledge of Christianity. However it hasn’t all just been Q&A sessions. In the first session of the course we went on a trip up to White Wells. As well as learning about such things as the design and the cosmological arguments, we had a chance to get to know each other and have a look at what God had created. Since then we have had a series of sessions, ranging from simple group discussions, to looking at pictures of us all as babies and watching Father Godfrey as he took on the character of a fourteen year old boy.

All in all, I have to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Saint Margaret’s so far. I am extremely grateful to all those who have made me feel accepted as one of the team and look forward to the future!

Theo Ellis-Jones

(Since 2010, St. Margaret’s has witnessed 42 people being confirmed, in 3 confirmation services. In the eleven years prior to then there were 33 confirmations in total).