Mission Statement

To experience and know God’s transforming love more deeply, and to share that love with others by living it out in our daily lives.


Vision Statement

An outward-looking, welcoming and loving Christian family, where everyone seeks to live a life of faith day by day.


Priority Goals
Consolidating and Improving:

  • Our Nurture Courses: the Study Courses; Enquirers’ Course; and Confirmation Courses.
  • Financial Stewardship: the MAP Stewardship Group will continue to oversee an annual renewal programme to encourage newer members into regular, committed giving and to offer existing members the opportunity for a yearly recommitment.
  • Continue our structured approach to outward giving to missions and charities through the Outward Giving Group.
  • Continue to support the many opportunities offered for children and young people through our Sunday School, “Playtime”, Family Service, “Cant & Dec”, “Young Peoples Breakfasts”, “Social Time”, “Revelation and Relaxation” and Choral Scholarships.
  • Complete the outstanding items in our Quinquennial Inspection by the end of the quinquennium in 2020. Explore the financing and completing if outstanding fabric matters including enhancing of the existing disability provision.


  • Review of our external communications and look at improving how we share our “good news” by establishing a working group accountable to the PCC, particularly focussing on our website and social media.
  • Explore drafting “roles and responsibilities” for volunteers so that mutual expectations are more clearly defined and the contributions of volunteers are more deeply honoured.
  • Establish a small group to work with Fr Philip on reviewing the opportunities for growth in Christian discipleship and the nurturing of vocations within St Margaret’s to enhance our present well-received courses.
  • Invite the PCC to consider the implications of a time of vacancy for St Margaret’s and how we may best prepare for this.
  • Explore ways of supporting the Diocesan Strategy by contributing as a Catholic “resource church”.