Outward Giving

St Margaret’s Vision Statement:

An outward-looking, vibrant and loving Christian family, where everyone lives out their faith in their daily life.”

One of the key priorities in our second Mission Action Plan was to “Develop a strategic and structured approach to outward giving to mission and charities by establishing a working group accountable to the PCC.” This led to the founding of our Outward Giving Group and St Margaret’s ‘Mission Fund’. The Mission Fund enables St Margaret’s to pass any Gift Aided element on to our nominated charities from donors who are tax-payers.

The present target of St Margaret’s Parochial Church Council for our Outward Giving via the Mission Fund is 5% of our Church Giving income. Therefore our PCC has underwritten a budgeted figure for 2017 of £7,100 for outward giving. However, our hope is that the majority of these funds will be raised through existing and on-going fundraising activities and appeals throughout the year.

Mission Fund Distribution 2016

In 2016, the Mission Fund disbursed approximately £8,643 (against a budget of £7,100), as follows:

Otley Christian Resources Hub 1,500
Children's Society (Brian Wilson RIP) 365
Sue Ryder Manorlands (HMQ Concert) 1,202
Hand-in-Hand/JJ Nshumi Community Schools (Harvest) 1,000
Open Door (Harvest Appeal) 1,000
FRRME  200
Hope Housing (Christmeas Appeal) 2,744
Other small donations 632
Total  8,643

There were three surpluses: £165 for Hand-in-Hand/JJ Nshumi School, £50 for Bradford Women’s Aid (Keighley Refuge) and £2,302 Unallocated. These have been retained for distribution in 2017.

In addition, £2,088 raised was paid direct and did not appear in the Mission Fund, including £26 for US, £5 for Hope Housing, £992 for The Children’s Society and £1,065 for Christian Aid Week. This brought total charitable giving in 2016 to over £10,700.

Mission Fund Beneficiaries in 2017 will include:

Community of the Resurrection, Mirfield

JJ Nshumi School/Hand-in-Hand

Otley Christian Resources Hub (OCRH)


Toilet Twinning

Other organisations will be added to this list over the course of the year. The Outward Giving Group also supports and helps to promote other direct appeals and collections during the year including: the Diocese of Bradford’s Sudan Appeal; Fair Trade Fortnight; Christian Aid Week; the Children’s Society; Us; and chosen Disaster Emergency Committee (DEC) appeals. There are regular displays at the back of church promoting these organisations and the work of the Outward Giving Group.

Community of the Resurrection, Mirfield

The Community of the Resurrection at Mirfield is St Margaret’s patron. A Benedictine monastic community, it provides a place of sanctuary and retreat, as well as being a base for theological teaching and training, and a place of support for clergy and lay Christians. As the Community is about to celebrate its 125th Anniversary, the re-building and re-ordering of the Community’s church is almost complete and the focus is moving to the provision of new accommodation for the brothers. (www.mirfield.org.uk)

Jehovah Jireh Nshumi Community Schools in Uganda

Jehovah Jireh Nshumi Community Schools were founded in 2007 in south west Uganda. The project’s aim is to work with the local community to provide free, quality education to children in this poor, rural area through Christian love and values. (www.hihand.org/jehovah-jireh.html)

Otley Christian Resources Hub (OCRH)

OCRH supports and enables work in local schools through the ‘Open the Book’ project. The ‘Open the Book’ project provides resources for the telling and acting out of Bible stories in primary school assemblies. St Margaret’s ‘Open the Book’ team regularly visits Ashlands Primary School in Ilkley. The Hub’s staff also support children’s work happening through Anglican Churches in the local communities of Otley, Ilkley and their surrounding villages. (www.ocrh.org.uk)


“SENEthiopia’s mission is to support children in northern Ethiopia who are classified as having Special Educational Needs, and, in pursuit of that goal, to ensure visually impaired children have access to their full curriculum, including accessible school text books. This has been the genesis of a major project, to provide audio “Talking Textbooks” to those with blindness and the visually impaired.”  The talking textbooks are MP3 players onto which are recorded textbooks for the key subjects and extracts from the bible – separate devices have different subjects for different school year groups.  To date, 1000 solar-powered devices have been supplied and the charity is seeking funds for the next tranche of 800 (complete with all peripherals such as headphones). This year’s Harvest Appeal will be for SENEthiopia and Dr Gary Knamiller will speak at the service. (www.sene.org.uk)

Toilet Twinning

Help those in desperate poverty to have access to a proper latrine, clean water and the information they need to be healthy. “For just a £60 donation, you can twin your loo with a latrine halfway around the world, in a country of your choosing. For a £240 donation, you can twin with a school block or toilets in a displacement camp. Your smallest room becomes the proud owner of a certificate, complete with a photo and GPS coordinates so you can look up your twin on Google Maps.” Toilet Twinning is a Tearfund project. Tearfund is a Christian charity committed to serving those living in poverty. Members of the OGG felt that Toilet Twinning might be something with which the children in particular would enjoy engaging. (www.toilettwinning.org)

The Mission Fund is overseen by the Outward Giving Group whose members are Catherine Beaumont, Fr Philip Gray, Arnold Kuchartschuk (Christian Aid), Michelle Still (Fair Trade and The Children’s Society), Alison Stretton and Linda Whittaker (US). We meet three times a year, provide recommendations to the PCC and organise displays and speakers for the chosen charities.

We are very grateful for the support given by St Margaret’s congregations and visitors to the appeals and fundraising initiatives over the course of each year and are happy to discuss the organisations we recommend or to receive suggestions of organisations for future support.

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