Minutes of the Annual Parish Meetings held on Sunday 24 April 2022 at 11.15am in the Parish Hall

Fr Alex in the Chair


  1. Prayers     Fr Alex welcomed everyone and began the meeting with a prayer.
  2. Annual Reports    These had been made available at the back of church and on the website beforehand.  There were no questions raised on any of the reports.
  3. Report by Fr Alex    Please see the copy of the report Fr Alex gave to the APCM attached to these minutes.
  4. Thanks      Fr Alex thanked John McGhee who was stepping down as Treasurer to the PCC after four years of service.  Janet Kish was also thanked as she stepped down from the role of Headsidesman and finally Helen Buswell who was retiring from the role of Churchwarden.  Fr Alex expressed his gratitude to Helen who had been pivotal in ensuring his arrival at St Margaret’s had gone smoothly.

Alison Stretton gave thanks to Fr Alex for joining St Margaret’s.  She thanked everyone who had contributed to the vacancy process and all those who had helped and supported through the covid-19 mitigations.  She felt it had all been done with grace and care.

Alison went on to thank Joanne Lake who had been our Independent Examiner for the past four years but who was now retiring.  Alison felt we were very lucky that John McGhee had agreed to step into these shoes.

Alison thanked Janet Kish for standing in as Headsidesman for the past year.  Alison was happy to inform everyone that Judith Smith had offered to take on the role of Headsidesman for the coming year.

Finally Alison could not end without giving her utmost thanks to her friend and fellow Churchwarden, Helen Buswell.  Helen had served diligently and willingly throughout her four years and always had time for everyone.  Helen was given a standing ovation and presented with a small gift. 

  1. Meet the Nominees

The vacancies available were as follows:
Two Churchwardens - we had one nominee, Alison Stretton

One Independent Examiner – we had one nominee, John McGhee

Churchwarden - Alison stated that she would be very happy to continue as the warden of St Margaret’s and even though she was the only candidate, there were a number of people who had agreed to take on the role of Deputy Churchwarden, who would assist with services and events.  These were Helen Pilling, Jane Sheldon, Philip Tooke and Tom Williams.  Helen Buswell as the retiring Churchwarden also agreed to support on an adhoc basis.

Independent Examiner – John McGhee as the retiring Treasurer agreed to take on the role of Independent Examiner.

It was noted that because the number of candidates did not exceed the number of seats to be filled, each candidate would be declared elected.



There being no other nominations, Alison Stretton was elected to act as Churchwarden for the coming year.


  1. Apologies for absence     A list of attendees and apologies is available on request.
  2. Minutes of the last Annual Meeting      These were unanimously agreed.  Proposed by Alison Stretton.
  3. Matters arising     There were no matters arising.
  4. Electoral Roll        The report was unanimously approved.  Proposed by Christine Butler.
  5. Annual Reports    These were unanimously approved.  Proposed by Catherine Gibson.
  6. Elections:  There being no other nominations, John McGhee was declared elected to the position of Independent Examiner.
  7. Any Other Business          There were no items raised.


There being no other business the meetings closed with Grace at 12 noon.